Sponsorship Successtory - 4

Sponsorship Successtory - 4

MY LIFE AS AN ALBINO GIRL My name is Christine Jeffa. I am a lady living with albinism. I am a kindergarten teacher by profession courtesy the Verkaart Development Team study project.

I was born a first child to my parents but after a month my skin colour did not change to black. My eyes too were different from a normal baby’s eyes. My father could not stand the embarrassment of living with a child who did not look like a “normal” one, so my parents divorced.

My mother took care of me, took me to school – where I was not accepted by other children too but was anyway there for me. Through difficulties I managed to go through primary school in a local school. At 13 years I joined a boarding school-Likoni school for the blind where there were blind pupils and pupils with albinism. After 4 years in this school I sat for an examination that promoted me to a secondary school.

I got a chance through Verkaart Foundation to Mamba Secondary school. It is here that I met the late Mrs. Ans Verkaart. This was a turning point in my life because she instructed that I be moved from Mamba to Kwale girls school because of the harsh weather in mamba. After 4 years I completed my secondary school education and attained a grade that could secure me a chance in an early childhood development course(ECD). Mrs. Verkaart again looked for a sponsor for me and my fees was paid by the Hofstad College.

I am now a teacher and I wish to thank the people who supported me to be what I am today.

I feel in love with a man who made me pregnant but he did not want to take responsibility so I am now a proud mother of a baby girl – Zawadi (zawadi is a Kiswahili word for present). I love my daughter very much and I am happy that I can take care of her and give her a good life.

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