Successtory: Kwale girls income generating projects

Successtory: Kwale girls income generating projects

Kwale Girls started in 2005 with an intention of giving an educational chance to the orphaned (vulnerable) girls from Kwale county and its environs. All the girls were fully paid for by VDT, not to mention that the organization(VDT) would go an extra mile to support the girls with personal effects.

After a couple of years Kwale Girls invited the community to bring their girls to school too, but on a self paying arrangement. The intention was to make the community own the project too. Today the school comprises of both orphaned and self paying girls, all living together as one family.

As mentioned earlier, Verkaart Foundation supported the girls but a time came that Verkaart Foundation had to stop with the extras because of financial reasons. This became a big challenge for the orphaned girls who could not afford to support themselves.

The principal and the Verkaart Foundation board came up with ideas of income generating projects for the school. They started with small scale farming of vegetables and fish keeping. This went on well and the school could now compliment Verkaart Foundation! Due to the success of this they have taken the idea a notch higher and now the school has bought 25 goats and about 200 chickens. Thank you board Verkaart Foundation and sponsors for the ideas because with this trend in future we may be able to even pay school fees for the vulnerable girls and become self reliant.

Beasy Mbogo

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