Verkaart Development Team (Verkaart Foundation) a private charity

The Verkaart Development Team is a private charity, founded in 1992..

The Team's main objective is:to facilitate and support projects that contribute to the future of Kenya as effectively and efficiently as possible at an ongoing basis.

As children are the future, the greater part of the Verkaart Foundation-projects is directed at them.

Apart from two staff-members on location in Kenya, Verkaart Foundation only works with volunteers.

Verkaart Foundation strives as much as possible to attain funds from different sponsors.

Some of the sponsors offer their support by volunteering at our projects. Others are private persons or organizations that appreciate our work and decide to participate in other ways.

Because of this, 96% of the funds can be spent directly at our projects.

What has been accomplished so far:

Over time Verkaart Foundation has built more than 70 primary schools, 4 secondary boarding schools for orphan-girls, 10 dispensaries, 2 polytechnics as well as 2 small homes.

Over the years it also became obvious that especially orphan-girls in their teens are having the worst end of the stick. They are often abused, reviled, too much and unwanted. Thus very vulnerable. (See our separate report on the four boarding-schools for these girls.)

Gradually Verkaart Foundation also noticed different groups of children in need of special care.

That is why Verkaart Foundation adopted and expanded a School for the Mentally Handicapped, started projects like the Albino-project and the New Light Orphanage for Boys.

Apart from the above projects and the continuous building and renovations at the various project-sites, Verkaart Foundation has a dental program in co-operation with Dutch Dental Care; and last but not least an agricultural projects for the schools to grow their own vegetables.

Moreover, Verkaart Foundation promotes income generating projects at the schools themselves, such as a bakery, agricultural produce, breeding chickens and goats, a school bus rental, water projects etc.. And we try to set up business by selling Kenian products in the Netherlands..

These projects will provide for extra money to support the students.

Transfer of knowledge.

Over the years the Verkaart Development Team has acquired an enormous amount of knowledge about setting up projects in Kenya.

That's why they organize at least twice a year a visit to their projects for those who want to know more about them.

These visits take place mostly in March and October. However, if you want to pay these projects a visit with a group in connection with a celebration or a team building, travel outside these months s possible.

The schools welcome these visits wholeheartedly as they restore hope for the orphan-girls that the world is a friendly place with well-meaning people in it.

It is always a joy to come along with us, meet the children and experience a different world.


Since 2000 the Verkaart Foundation organizes an annual fundraising sports event in October.

The events so far:

-with a group of sponsors we climbed the Kilimanjaro twice as well as Mt Kenya;

-we ran a marathon through the beautiful surroundings of Mombasa;

-we did ATB cycling in an adventurous Biking Challenge (three times);

-played golf on the beautiful golf courses near Mombasa

-and put our boots on for a four day's hiking safari.

Apart from these fundraising events we have our annual Girls' day on Diani Beach in Mombasa. Every new group of girls that come to study at our secondary schools is offered a day of sports, singing and dancing, but most important a day of joy, laughter and fun. These girls brighten up Diani Beach every year.

To join in one of these events will give you an experience that you will joyfully remember for the rest of your life.

How can you support us?

You can support the projects of the Verkaart Development Team in various ways.

Become a friend of the Verkaart Foundation

You become a friend of the Verkaart Foundation by monthly donating at least € 15,00 on our bank account number: NL36RABO0143166557, att. Verkaart Development Team, the Netherlands.

Sponsor a Verkaart Foundation orphan-girl in Kenya

In Kenya orphan-girls often have no future. In our separate report we tell you all about the boarding schools for them and how you can support these schools, in order to help them get a future. For € 575,00 a year you help one of these girls get a good secondary education. That amount will ensure one (or more) girl(s) to get food, clothes, medical care as well as takes care of the tuition fees and textbooks.

As appreciation for your support the girl(s) will keep you posted about their progress and their life there.

With our travel program you will also be able to visit them and see for yourself how life is for them at our boarding schools.

Interested? Get in touch: info@verkaartfoundation.nl

Sponsor a particular project

Does one of the projects appeal to you in particular. Let us know and we will together with you look for a project that will fit you wishes, needs and budget.

We advise everyone to first visit our projects and see for themselves what we do and how we run our projects in Kenya.

Read more about that and our travel program on "Reizen".

Personal Initiative

if you feel the impulse to do something for Kenya and you do have a creative or good idea for a project in line with our goals, let us know and contact us: info@verkaartfoundation.nl.

We are in for supporting and facilitate initiatives which contribute to or complement our projects.

There is a saying that states: "Educate a man and you educate an individual, but educate a woman and you educate a nation."

The above summarizes not only the essence of educating girls but emphasizes education for all. Education cannot be trifled with if a nation wants to prosper and develop.

It is the bedrock of all facets of a nation's development.

From Underprivileged to Potential

Verkaart Foundation offers secondary education to orphan-girls in Kenya in order to give them a better perspective in life.

Their boarding schools provide a safe haven and thus a good learning environment for these girls.

Every year many people in Kenya die because of aids or malaria leaving many children orphaned. Poverty often prevents the next of kin to take care of their young relatives let alone being able to give them a proper education.

Tradition in Kenya still has it that boys are more privileged than girls, the latter being prone to motherhood at a very young age, with or without their consent.

An orphan-girl is even worse off as she will often be subjected to all kinds of abuse and is usually considered a nuisance.

Therefore, orphan-girls are the most vulnerable there, yet carry great potential.

That's why Verkaart Foundation has built 4 boarding-schools especially for them.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." (Nelson Mandela)

The Project:

In the 3 boarding-schools nowadays over 2000 girls are receiving secondary level education of a high standard.

Apart from the education emphasis is also put on mental/psychological development and wellbeing. Many of these girls have had traumatizing experiences in their early childhood. Guidance and support from the teachers as well as and foremost from the matrons is of the utmost importance.Teachers and matrons are offered professional training in trauma recognition so that they are able to support these traumatized children.

The support also entails personal empowerment, family planning and aids prevention.

Physical wellbeing is also very important: Medical practitioners visit the schools. Dental care is regularly being provided by the Verkaart Dental Project.

Our goal:

To prepare these orphan-girls for a future of a self-supporting and self-confident member of society by giving them a high standard secondary education.

Donations to Verkaart Foundation go to:

-Payment of tuition fees, text-books and school-uniforms.

-Guidance and support on a regular basis by local staff.

-Medical, dental and ophthalmic care for the students.

-Monitoring the standard of education. The 3 boarding-schools cooperate together in order to improve the standard where necessary. Motivation and participation by the (local) teachers is thereby essential. By asking a small financial contribution from the students extra teachers can be attracted.

-Organization of the annual sports day

-Providing guidance and support when students, after they finish their secondary education, want to continue studying.


How can you support this project ?

To support one orphan-girl in her education at one of the Verkaart Foundation-boarding-schools will cost € 575,- a year. A full secondary school education lasts four years. We therefore recommend the sponsoring of one or more girls for the entire four years.

If you so wish, you can keep in contact with the girl(s) by letter or email in order to follow her progress and giving her the opportunity to enhance her writing skills and learning about the world you live in.

By the way, we have a special travel offer if you would like to pay her/them a visit.


Please contact us: info@verkaartfoundation.nl

Or fill in the application.

Bank account:

IBAN: NL36RABO0143166557


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