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Sponsorship Successtory - 5

Sponsorship Successtory - 5

I managed a 1st class honours at Maseno University. I would really suggest that all beneficiaries of the project who went to college and university share their success stories to you. This will go an extra mile in showing how beneficial the project is. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the support the organisation offered me from 2004 to 2007 during my secondary school education at Waa Girls Secondary school.
I am currently an undergraduate student at Maseno University (Kenya) pursuing an Undergraduate degree in Sociology and Anthropology. I am through with my coursework and currently on my second month of a three- month industrial attachment. These are my photos.of my graduation and of my certificate. I managed a 1st class honours at Maseno University. I believe this is one of the success stories of the organisation and I wish more of us could tell their success story to tell the world the milestones the organisation has achieved in supporting the girl- child education in Kenya.
Thank you so much. Regards
Sabina Saiti.


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